China’s Drone Consumer Market Clogging; Expected Boom in 2017

Chinese Company Unveils World’s First Passenger Drone
Chinese Company Unveils World’s First Passenger Drone

In 2015, Dajiang Innovation owned about seventy percent of the consumer market for drones. The seventy percent share of the market has however been dwindling as time passes by with many startups trying to challenge Dajiang’s dominance.

A Low Cost Strategy

The startups strategy has been to release low-cost products to try to swivel the market their way. Despite their relentless efforts, experts have predicted that the startups will never have the capability of gaining a significant share of the market.

Zero Zero Robotics, one of the many startups clogging the market, is in the process of making a model of a drone that will be different from DJI’s four propeller drones. The company hails from Beijing and has a funding of approximately twenty-five million dollars. Zero Zero Robotics also released a Hover Camera in the recent past whose price prediction was below six hundred dollars. Weighing at about half a pound, the drone can fit in a trouser pocket. More on drones pour les débutants!

Many replicas and Mini Drones Hitting the Market


the phantom 3 version pro from DJI
The phantom 3 version pro from DJI

This drone is an addition to many other low-cost drones from other startups like Xiro and Ehang in the Chinese market. The three companies are not the least of Daijang’s worries as Xiaomi has filed twenty drone technology patents to date and plans to release a drone model this current year. The model is rumoured to retail at two hundred dollars upon its release to the market. DJI’s most affordable product retails at 499 dollars. The 200-dollar model will cause a stir in the market.

Chip Manufacturing Companies

Chip manufacturing companies have turned their attention to the lucrative drone market in China and are combining with the start-ups to come up with more advanced drones. The latest DJI’s Phantom model that boasts of having the ability to navigate around obstacles in flight paths will face stiff competition from the Xero Ying’s model and Hover camera that are using chips that allow them to have the same feature.

The chip manufacturing companies are a huge force not to be ignored.
The increased competition for the drone market has forced DJI to delve into commercial models. The IDC estimates that the commercial models market will get to thirty percent by the year 2019. Expectations are that in future, the media, real estate, law enforcement and mapping companies will provide a market for the drones.

Innovation Will Prevail

With an aim to be above the rest in the commercial market, Ehang launched a drone-powered by electricity and had the ability to carry a human being for short flights. The product is still a work in progress, and the company is working hard to turn it into a finished product.

Despite the increased competition, the Chinese drone market is expected to boom in 2017. With the coming up of many drone manufacturing companies and improved technology, it is anticipated that the prices will drop consequently attracting low-end consumers. The increased technology will enable the drones to handle more functions and consequently attract consumers from all sectors of the economy.

incredible aerial shots from Reunion Island
Incredible aerial shots from Reunion Island

Despite the clogging, the Chinese drone market will continue to increase. Drone technology is still at an infant stage and with its growth will come more selling opportunities. As of now, Daijang will continue holding the bigger share of the market until the day that the startups will have a solid foundation to keep with the increasingly complex business.
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